A Hidden gem in the heart of Silicon Valley.

During my stay, a few friends whom I met during the mDAC Summit invited me to check out the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts more commonly known as the Cantor Art Center. It's on the campus of Stanford University and houses one of the largest collections of the famous French sculptor, Auguste Rodin, many of which are on display in the B. Gerald Cantor Rodin Sculpture Garden. The Center was designed by a New York City-based architectural firm called Ennead Architects previously known as Polshek Partnership. The building seems to be a mixture of neoclassical and contemporary architecture with a full-length glass wall which overlooks the courtyard. If the marble lobby isn't enough to take your breath away Rodin's works surely will. I was not only surprised to find out that admission was free but that the center had the largest collection of his works outside of the Musée Rodin in Paris. From his most recognizable masterpiece "The Thinker" to the impressive "Gates of Hell". Seeing those two pieces alone was well worth the trip to California. I would highly recommend a day at the Cantor to anyone who's interested in seeing a comprehensive collection of Rodin's works.













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