Just came back from the mDAC Summit 2016

I truly loved the laid back atmosphere of Palo Alto aka the “Birthplace of the Silicon Valley”. The city has it’s own particular charm and surprisingly a very vibrant downtown district with a few restaurants and bars featuring live music. I definitely had a wonderful experience and would recommend anyone traveling to San Fransisco to take a quick detour to check it out. As for the event itself, it was very well organized and full of positive energy. Hats off again to Sumit Vishwakarma and Caroline Mustard for not only making all of this possible but for their effort in promoting Mobile Digital Art globally. I also had the chance and the pleasure to meet some of the most talented and creative mobile digital artists from different parts of the world, all with their own unique styles and techniques. Looking forward to hopefully feature some of them on this blog. mDAC was not only a great networking experience but more importantly a great learning one. One which I’ll be forever grateful.










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