Planet Mars

During my visit my brother and I took a weekend trip to the south of France. To Marseille to be exact aka Planet Mars, the second largest city in France and also it's oldest. Some even call it one of the most dangerous cities in Europe. It's unfortunate that it's become a victim of such a bad reputation because it's actually a city full of history and rich in culture. The first day there, we roamed through the streets of downtown and arrived at the famous art neighborhood called le Quartier du Panier one of the oldest parts of the city full of narrow streets, old buildings with graffiti art decorating the walls, art galleries and workshops. The sky was grey on that particular afternoon but the art on the walls were vivid with color and imagination. Definitely a charming spot to check out. It had this very laid back atmosphere that made it seem like it was in a universe of it's own amidst the madness of the city. Welcome to Planet Mars.











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