Rediscovering Paris yet again

I Just recently came back from a trip to France which was absolutely amazing. On top of seeing old familiar faces, family members and old friends that I haven’t seen in over a decade I got a chance to get reacquainted with a city that's also very dear to me, Paris. But this time I was able to rediscover her from a new perspective a new light. Rediscover everything from childhood memories to the things that I’d taken for granted when I ‘‘lived’’ there. The word live seems to have different meanings. For some it mainly means ‘‘living’’ in a physical location. But for an Artist it’s not only that, it's also about being somewhere mentally and if possible even emotionally and spiritually in order to fully appreciate not only the people but also the surroundings. Thankfully it seems that being in the present moment is far easier to do when traveling than when you're busy with your normal everyday routines. I spent more time looking at the sky, noticing the trees, the architecture, the different shades and colors. The paved streets, the grayness. It all went hand in hand with the weather. It was the middle of May but it felt like Florida in the winter. I didn’t mind it one bit. I met up with an old friend and we headed to Paris to catch up. We went back to our old stomping grounds around Châtelet and happened to randomly fall on an Atelier/ Art Gallery for independent artists called 59 Rivoli. It was this eclectic place full of graffiti and art prints all over the walls. The entrance was free which made it a no brainer for me. It had 6 floors, each of them full of creative and inspiring art pieces. It had this messy, disorganized in an organized kind a way look and feel to it. You had everything from absurd caricatures to abstract paintings to beautiful portraits... Very ecclectic indeed.

I like the underground vibe that I got from the place. The artists were very friendly and welcoming. Every floor had a different vibe to it. With each of them, you felt as if you were entering a new universe. Universes full of creativity that made you forget for a moment that you were in the middle of Paris. A moment of calmness in such a busy city is always much appreciated. The Irony and the randomness of finding something so anti commercial in one of the most commercial streets in Paris also added to it’s charm. It smells of paint and some of the artists are in full concentration mode but didn’t mind people taking a look at their works. Others were open to discussions. From the outside It had this very unusual façade that was full of designs and colors that made it stand out from the surrounding buildings. Pretty cool spot that I recommend you check out whenever you’re in Paris. I'll be adding more stuff from my trip to France, stay tuned! 


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